• Welcome Dr. Xia He join as a visiting scholar in the CNBM Lab.



  • Jalil, the CNBM Lab PhD candidate (expect to graduate in May 2018), will join the Department of Mechanical Engineering in the State University of New York (SUNY) - Binghamton to be a tenure-track Assistant Professor in August 2018. Big congrats. 


  • Liuyang, the CNBM Lab first graduated PhD student, joined the Xi'an Jiaotong University as a faculty member and was one of the recipients of 1000 Plan Program of Young Talents of China. Big congrats.


  • Dr. Wang was invited to join the editorial board of the journal Scientific Reports.



  • Jalil published a journal paper "Mechanism of Consistent Gyrus Formation: an Experimental and Computational Study" in the Scientific Reports.
  • Our paper "Commonly-Preserved and Species-Specific Gyral Folding Patterns across Primate Brains" was accepted in the journal Brain Structure and Function.  


  • Dr. Wang was named by UGA Center for Teaching and Learning as "Teacher of the Week" for Fall 2016.


  • Dr. Wang received the 2016 International Conference on Computational Method Young Investigator Award.


  • CNBM Lab graduated her first PhD student, Liuyang, who successfully made his PhD defense. Congrats.


  • A high-school student, Noah Johnson (UGA Young Dawgs Program), joined our lab for a summer intern.
  • Dr. Wang was awarded a 2017 UGA Faculty Research Grant (FRG).


  • Dr. Wang was invited to serve on a NSF CMMI program panel.




  • Dr. Wang was invited to join the editorial board of the journal Polymers (IF: 2.94).


  • Nicholas (my undergraduate researcher) published a journal paper "Failure Mechanisms and Scaling Laws of Nanoporous Aluminum: A Computational Study" in the journal of Advanced Engineering Materials. Congrats.
  • Jalil published a paper "Cortical Folding Pattern and its Consistency Induced by Biological Growth" in the journal of Scientific Reports. Congrats.


  • Jalil published a paper "Role of Mechanical Factors in Cortical Folding Development" in the journal of Physical Review E. Congrats.
  • Matt published a paper "Grain-size Dependence of Mechanical Properties in Polycrystalline Boron-Nitride: A Computational Study" in the journal of Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics. Congrats.


  • Liuyang published a paper "Coarse-grained Modeling of Vesicle Responses to Active Rotational Nanoparticles" in the journal of Nanoscale. Congrats.
  • Liuyang published a paper "Nanotube-enabled Vesicle-Vesicle Communication: A Computational Model" in the Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters. Congrats.


  • Heng published a paper "Molecular Dynamic Study of CNT/Buckyball-enabled Energy Absorption System" in the Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics. Congrats.


  • Nicholas was awarded a CURO fellowship for Spring 2015 to conduct research in our Lab. Congrats.
  • Austin published a paper "Designing Nanoparticle Translocation through Cell Membranes by Varying Amphiphilic Polymer Coatings" in the Journal of Physical Chemistry B. Congrats.


  • Matt published a paper "Computational Study on the Effects of Annealing on the Mechanical Properties of Polycrystalline Graphene" in the journal of Carbon, Congrats.
  • Matt published a paper "On the Crumpling of Polycrystalline Graphene by Molecular Dynamics Simulation" in the journal of Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics. Congrats.

Before 2015

December 2014

  • Austin published a paper "Mechanisms of Graphyne-enabled Cholesterol Extraction from Protein Cluster" in the journal of RSC Advances. Congrats.
  • Jalil published a paper "Morphological Patterns of a Growing Biological Tube in a Constrained Environment with Contacting Boundary" in the journal of RSC Advances. Congrats.

October 2014

  • Our paper "Quantitative Nanomechanical Charaterization of the van der Waals Interfaces between Carbon Nanotubes and Epoxy" was accepted for publication in the journal of Carbon.
  • Our paper "Mechanical Analysis of Graphene-based Woven Nano-Fabric" was accepted for publication in the journal of Materials Science and Engineering: A.
  • Matthew Sullivan (Matt S), Nicholas Winter, Shian Williams, Heather Huynh, four undergraduate students joins our research group as undergraduate researchers. Welcome!
  • Matthew was selected for a SAME - Georgia Scholarship from the Georgia Engineering Foundation. Congrats.
  • Our paper "Graphene Folding on Flat Substrates" was accepted for publication in Journal of Applied Physics.

August 2014

  • Ms. Heng Chen, a PhD candidate from NUAA (China), joins our research group as visiting scholar for six months. Welcome!

July 2014

  • Pablo (REU undergraduate from University of Puerto Rico at Bayamon) was recognized as the top 3 out of 10 students in the final poster presentation of NanoBio REU site at UGA and recommneded to attend the REU conference in DC in October to represent UGA NanoBio REU site.

June 2014

May 2014

  • Dr. Wang was selected to participate in the Writing Fellow Program of Center for Teaching and Learning during 2014-15.
  • Center for Teaching and Learning awarded a FY2015 Learning Technologies Grant to CNBM Lab.

April 2014

  • Office of the Vice President for Research awarded a 2015 Faculty Research Grant to CNBM Lab.
  • Office of Vice President for Instruction awarded a Summer 2014 Innovative Instruction Faculty Grants to CNBM Lab.

February 2014

  • Office of the Provost (UGA) awarded a Summer 2014 Research Grant to CNBM Lab.

January 2014

  • Matthew and Jalil joined our research group as graduate students. Welcome.

November 2013

October 2013

  • Chidi (undergraduate) won the first place in the poster competition at the 8th annual fall Peach State LSAMP national symposium and research conference. Congrats.

September 2013

August 2013

  • Office of STEM Education (UGA) awarded a mini-grant on our education research.

July 2013

  • Dr. Wang with his colleague, Professor Nima Rahbar, organized a mini-symposium on the 50th Annual Technical Meeting ASME-AMD Annual Summer Meeting held at Providence, RI (USA).
  • Dr. Zhigang Sun, an Associate Professor from NUAA (China), joined our research group as visiting scholar for a year. Welcome!

June 2013

  • Dr. Wang was awarded the NSF Summer Institute Fellowship to attend the Materials Genome Short Course.
  • Dr. Wang was awarded the UGA Provost Travel Funds to attend the conference.

May 2013

  • Dr. Wang's son, Hong-Yi, was born. How exciting the summer it is.

January 2013

  • Matthew Becton, an undergraduate student from engineering, joins our research group as a part-time researcher. Welcome!
  • Liuyang Zhang joins Dr. Wang's research group as the first PhD student. Welcome!

November 2012

  • Dr. Wang joins Graphene, an international open journal as a member of editorial board.

September 2012

  • Dr. Wang and Dr. James D. Lee co-organized a mini-symposium on the International Workshop on Computational Mechanics of Materials held at Baltimore, MD (USA).

August 2012