• Dr. Wang was invited to join the editorial board of the journal Polymers (IF: 2.94).


  • Nicholas (my undergraduate researcher) published a journal paper "Failure Mechanisms and Scaling Laws of Nanoporous Aluminum: A Computational Study" in the journal of Advanced Engineering Materials. Congrats.
  • Jalil published a paper "Cortical Folding Pattern and its Consistency Induced by Biological Growth" in the journal of Scientific Reports. Congrats.


  • Jalil published a paper "Role of Mechanical Factors in Cortical Folding Development" in the journal of Physical Review E. Congrats.
  • Matt published a paper "Grain-size Dependence of Mechanical Properties in Polycrystalline Boron-Nitride: A Computational Study" in the journal of Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics. Congrats.


  • Liuyang published a paper "Coarse-grained Modeling of Vesicle Responses to Active Rotational Nanoparticles" in the journal of Nanoscale. Congrats.
  • Liuyang published a paper "Nanotube-enabled Vesicle-Vesicle Communication: A Computational Model" in the Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters. Congrats.


  • Heng published a paper "Molecular Dynamic Study of CNT/Buckyball-enabled Energy Absorption System" in the Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics. Congrats.


  • Nicholas was awarded a CURO fellowship for Spring 2015 to conduct research in our Lab. Congrats.
  • Austin published a paper "Designing Nanoparticle Translocation through Cell Membranes by Varying Amphiphilic Polymer Coatings" in the Journal of Physical Chemistry B. Congrats.


  • Matt published a paper "Computational Study on the Effects of Annealing on the Mechanical Properties of Polycrystalline Graphene" in the journal of Carbon, Congrats.
  • Matt published a paper "On the Crumpling of Polycrystalline Graphene by Molecular Dynamics Simulation" in the journal of Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics. Congrats.